What’s occuring?

In 2022 I realised how foolhardy it was to rely on social media to deliver any message that needed a decent reach. Algorithms on all platforms mean that the message is only fed to a small number of followers (without paying to “boost” it). Putting it crudely Messrs Musk and Zuckerberg had more say over who I could talk to than I had!

I’ve spent more and more time posting to an increasing number of followers. Yet so many have missed deadlines, key content and great opportunities as they simply didn’t see the message.

So I decided to revert to an old school idea; mailing lists. Keeping messages focused, infrequent and informative. Signing up takes one minute. It’s secure and GDPR compliant.

The first list is specifically for East Midlands musicians. If you’d like to join, just hit the link below. The privacy statement is at the foot of this page.